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 Internet Safety Policy



The Wetumpka Public Library has computers for public use with Internet access in order to make available  a  vast array  of information  resources  and to  allow  members of the public to become familiar with state-of-the-art information technology. The Library also has Wi-fi access. The Wi-fi code is available at the circulation or reference desk.

Using a computer indicates that you are familiar with and agree to our Public Access Internet Rules.  A copy of these rules follows:




1.  Users sign-in each time to use the Internet workstations by entering their Wetumpka Public Library patron number.  Non-patrons may be assigned temporary access numbers. Access to the Internet is granted in one-hour increments, as long as no one is waiting. There is a three hour per day limit. Please plan accordingly. The library does not have ear buds but you may bring your own.

2.   You may use your personal jump drives for saving your work on the iMacs only (not PCs). Documents do not permanently save on the library computers and are deleted upon logging off.  The library is not responsible for any damage to the jump drive while downloading.  CAUTION:  Although we use a virus checker on the library’s computers, this will not completely protect you from the chance of getting a virus.  Software downloaded from the Internet may contain a virus and you will need to have virus-checking software on your computer.

3.   Computer use is free. Documents may be printed at the cost of $.25 each page for black and white and $.50 each for color.

4.   You may check and send email from your personal account, but please NO ADULT/MATURE SITES.  The Internet and its available resources may contain material of a controversial nature.  Parents/guardians/caregivers are reminded that they are responsible for their child’s use of the Internet through library connections.  The Library subscribes to a filtering service that limits the amount of pornographic or obscene materials available on the Internet, but no filtering service is completely effective. The Library does not control or edit what is made available or filtered out by this service.

5.   Children under the age of 18 who wish to use the Internet must have consent on file from a parent or guardian. Parents/guardians/caregivers who wish to restrict the access of their own children should oversee their use of the Internet.

6. Uses that compromise the safety and security of minors by means of e-mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications. Children under 16 years of age may not disseminate private information about themselves or others. This includes giving out credit card and Social Security numbers and arranging without the permission of parents any face-to-face meetings with others they have “met” on the computer network or internet.

7. Personal Safety: Minors using the computer network or Internet should not reveal personal information. They should never give out a home address or telephone number, real last name, or any other information to people who might try to locate them. Regardless of age, users should never agree to meet people they have communicated with on the Internet in a secluded place or a private setting.

8. “Hacking” and Other Illegal Activities.  Adults, or minors, may not use the library’s computers to make unauthorized entry into any other computer or network, or to attempt to gain such unauthorized access. Users may not disrupt or interfere with other computer or network users, services or equipment.  Intentional misuse of the computer or Internet access will result in the suspension of Internet privileges.

9. Uses that jeopardize the security of the computer network or other networks on the Internet.  Disclosing or sharing the user’s library card password with others; impersonating another user; using one’s own software programs on the library’s computers; altering the library computer settings, damaging or modifying computer equipment or software is prohibited.

10. The Internet and its resources contain a wide variety of information and opinions from varied points of view.  In offering Internet access, the library system cannot guarantee that the information found through the Internet is accurate, authoritative, or factual; nor can the library systems control access points, which change rapidly and unpredictably. If you feel that the information you have obtained via the Internet is inaccurate or offensive, we suggest that you contact the original producer/distributor of that information.

11.  Library staff may be able to help you with basic computer use and startup procedures, but we cannot provide information on software. In addition, library staff cannot fill out any forms or applications for a patron.  If you have never used computers or have specific questions about the Internet, reference books and user guides are available.

12.  Anyone failing to observe the Internet rules will not be allowed access to the Library’s Internet system for 6 months.  A second infraction will result in permanent loss of access.