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FOWL Presents Linda Alexander

author of The Life and Death of Rising Star

Steve Ihnat: Gone too Soon

Wed Nov 28th 6 p.m. at the library

Note Date Change


Lt. Mims from The Outer Limits "The Inheritors". Insane Barney Benesch from the movie Madigan.  Scene-stealer Archie from The Chase with Marlon Brando. Steve Ihnat was in so many TV shows and movies in the '60s and early '70s. His stand-out, if one had to be selected, would be Garth of Izar from Star Trek's "Whom Gods Destroy". Trekkies of all ages remember his tormented portrayal of the once-brilliant Starship captain. 

In 1967, Steve Ihnat was on top of Hollywood, on the precipice of true stardom. A heavy and leading-man type, he fit most any role that came his way. He'd branched into movies, cast against heavy-hitting superstars. His phone rang constantly. He began writing and directing movies, and his personal life was turning the page into a deeper, more meaningful story. He'd begun living the life he'd always wanted.

Five years later, he was dead. An international man, from the country of his birth Czechoslovakia, to his home country Canada, to his adopted country the United States, Steve's existence proved to be one of mystery, not only in the many roles he played, but in the underlying tones of his personal life. Things were happening behind the scenes to alter Steve Ihnat's story, a tale not even he could have imagined. Not even he could have written such a script if he'd tried to make a movie with him as the star. To this day, Steve Ihnat is the star in a perplexing tale which continues to develop.


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