Council Agenda




Council Meeting

Monday, May 20, 2019

Wetumpka City Hall, 212 S. Main St.

6:00 p.m. Work Session/Council Meeting tofollow but no later than 7:00p.m.




Citizensí Comments (Ord. 2016-8)

Reports of:

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        Agenda Items

        2018 Audit Presentation



        Call to Order   MayorJerry Willis


        Pledge of Allegiance

        Roll Call

        Approval of Minutes-Council Meeting held on May6, 2019.


Old Business:

1.     Approve thesubscription service agreement with QTpod for the new point of sale systemconnected to the new fuel system at the Wetumpka Municipal Airport at a cost of$945 per year during warranty and $1995 per year post warranty. (L. Weldon)


New Business

1.     Resolution2019-5-20-1 authorizing demolition of the first 11 structures for the CDBGgrant. 

2.     Ordinance No.2019____a petition by Southern Prospect Properties, LLC to rezone propertylocated in and being a part of Original Lot 242 in East Wetumpka from B-3Central Business District to R-3 Medium Density Residential District.  (first reading)

3.     Permission toadvertise public hearing for property located in and being a part of OriginalLot 242 in East Wetumpka from B-3 Central Business District to R-3 MediumDensity Residential District.  


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